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DIGS Overview
Fault Tolerance

Dependable Service-Centric Computing (DSCC)

DSCC is a research project involving Lancaster University and the University of Edinburgh. Our research is based upon the theme of dependability in service-centric systems. We consider issues of dependability for service developers on the provider-side as well as for developers, integrators and end-users on the client side.

The initial aims of our research were as follows:

  1. To extend existing approaches to Quality of Service (QoS) definition and specification to encompass the dependability of services
  2. To provide methods of reasoning about end-to-end QoS when services are composed
  3. To investigate how existing approaches to dependable software engineering may be evolved to support service-centric computing

These aims have been addressed by the following specific solutions:
  1. QoSOnt: An ontology for QoS
  2. Agrajag: an engine for the inference of the aggregate QoS of compositions; as well as work on SLA specification
  3. Fault Tolerant Containers: an container-based approach to service fault tolerance; as well as work on fault tolerance for streaming services
Another major concern has been the issue of composition of services, which affects all of the above.

DSCC is a targeted activity of DIRC (Dependability Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration) and is jointly funded as part of the UK e-Science programme.

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